Giuliani S.p.A.

The history of the pharmaceutical company Giuliani begins in 1889 in Milan, in Antica Farmacia del Lazzaretto. It was here that the first formula was developed, the core of her first product, Amaro Medicinale.

From that moment on, research, health, and wellness remained the core of Giuliani's business, the core around which the modern pharmaceutical company was built, born in the following years from this first pharmacy/laboratory.

Over the next 120 years, Giuliani's research activity intensified and expanded into unexplored areas to use its innovative power in areas corresponding to the new needs of people.

In 2007, Giuliani acquired Trosyd®, a manufacturer of a line of over-the-counter products for treating skin and pruritic mycoses.

After 10 years in 2017, the company revolutionized the treatment of hair loss with a world-patented innovation - the S-R molecule, which stimulates hair follicle receptors, transmitting a signal to the hair. The Bioscalin® Signal Revolution is born.

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