Ethicare Remedies

Ethicare is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India is completely focused on areas such as dermatology and cosmetology.

Founded in 2003 by a young entrepreneur Ilesh Khakkhar, who put a priority on the introduction of new technologies and innovations in the field of cosmetic and dermatological products and create new trends in the field of cosmetology.

Continuous research and development allow us to create products with new features and improved components.

Working in close cooperation with leading dermatologists and cosmetologists, Ethicare introduces revolutionary ingredients, formula, and advanced technology.

In 2010 Ethicare proudly presented Ethinext Pharma, to cover the scope of clinical dermatology through pharmacological products.

And in early 2015, the company presented its premium segment cosmetology through a new project called Ethiall.

Ethicare Remedies – is an experienced team of cosmetologists and dermatologists, who have learned to respond instantly to the most popular individual needs of its customers.

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KOZIMAX CREAM | 15g/0.53oz

Properties and indications: Kozimax ® cream for the topical treatment of hyperpigmentation / dark..
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