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Brand: Medinova AG
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  • Hirudoid is a highly effective healing cream for getting rid of varicose veins, for softening hard scars, removing scars and burn marks;
  • possesses antithrombotic action, by normalizing the ability of the intercellular substance to retain water, contributes to the restoration of connective tissues;
  • prevents the occurrence of blood clots and contributes to their resorption;
  • eliminates local inflammatory processes and accelerates the resorption of bruises and tumors;
  • supports the restoration of a normally functioning connective tissue structure.


  • inflammation and thrombosis of the superficial veins;
  • treatment of hematomas and hemorrhages;
  • for leg ulcers (due to varicose disease or trophic changes - the so-called "gravitational ulcers");
  • inflammatory phenomena in varicose-altered nodes;
  • as maintenance therapy after vein surgery;
  • for the treatment of lymphadenitis, reducing puffiness;
  • to prevent phlebitis;
  • to reduce scars;
  • for better healing of stitches after injuries, burns, operations, etc.

Release form and volume:

cream – 40g/1.41oz


Hirudoid Cream: 100 g of cream contain: mucopolysaccharide polyester of sulfuric acid (organic heparinoid) – 300 mg.

Hirudoid Forte Cream: 100 g of cream contain: mucopolysaccharide polyester of sulfuric acid (organic heparinoid) – 445 mg.

How to use:

  • apply Hirudoid Forte only externally, 1-2 times a day on the skin of the damaged area and massage until completely absorbed;
  • for especially painful inflammations, gently lubricate the affected area and surrounding tissue and cover with a gauze bandage;
  • to soften hardened scars should be massaged with energetic circular movements;
  • can also be used in physiotherapy for phono and iontophoresis. When iontophoresis drug should be applied under the cathode;
  • avoid contact with open wounds and mucous membranes of the mouth or eyes.

Storage conditions

At temperatures, up to 25 С

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