Pharmacore Laboratories PT

Pharmacore Laboratories PT is a pharmaceutical company based in Indonesia and is one of the strategic business units in Arya Noble ( business group.

Pharmacore Laboratories PT was founded in 2003 with the main focus on the marketing of products in the field of cosmeceuticals and dermatology.

Then, with the needs of the development pharmaceutical area in 2006, it created Neomedic Technologies, which is the marketing department for the health care needs for categories of dermatology.

To respond to business challenges, in 2011 Pharmacore Laboratories PT focuses on the development of its business in three new categories of products, namely: obstetrics, gynecology-pediatrics, and related diseases of life.

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EQINON FORTE 5% CREAM | 15g/0.53oz

Properties and indications: Eqinon Forte ® cream contains 5% hydroquinone, which blocks the sy..

RETICOR 0.025%/0.05%/0.1% CREAM | 15g/0.53oz

Properties and indications: Reticor® contains a derivative of Vitamin A retinoid – tretinoin; ..
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