Salve Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Salve Pharma is one of the futuristic and fast-growing companies specializing exclusively in the dermatology and cosmetology segment. The company has vast experience in the development of skin, cosmetic and aesthetic products with our two innovative manufacturing facilities viz. Salve Pharmaceuticals (since 2010) and Salvia Cosmeceuticals (since 2011).
Innovation, quality, and reliability define who we are.
Salve Pharmaceuticals' innovation can be seen in the company's first-mover advantage with products such as Firmer. The quality is confirmed by the full control of the production process from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of finished products.
The trust lies in the connection with many foreign companies along with the Indian ones, obtaining certificates from many well-known governments and pharmaceutical authorities.
Some of the company's products have been approved by dermatologists around the world and have also been cited in several magazines, blogs, and medical books. Evidence of this is "Cureac Lotion", quoted in a book on Philippine dermatology.
Quality has always been a key concern of Salve Pharma, as is evident in the wide range of products produced by GMP-certified factories and in meeting the strictest manufacturing standards of the pharmaceutical industry.
In addition, the company is proud to be a member of leading international business and trade organizations such as FICCI, IDMA, FIEO, CII, and PHARMEXIL.

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CUREAC 10% LOTION | 70ml / 2.36 fl oz

Key benefits/Uses: Cureac Skin lotion contains Calamine, Zinc Oxide, and Sulphur as the key in..


Benefits: Tifin Cream contains terbinafine 1% is used to treat superficial fungal infections..
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