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Brand: Win Healthcare (Win-Medicare Pvt. Ltd.)
Product Code: 1-58
Availability: In Stock
Manufactured: India

Properties and indications:

  • Mederma® helps reduce the appearance of old and new scars from burns, injuries, surgery, cuts, stretch marks and acne, making them softer, smoother and less noticeable;
  • Mederma was named # 1 by the recommended brand for the care of scars for 15 years in a row. For the third year in a row, the gel gains the most votes in the “Stretch Marks” category;
  • removes scars in just 8 weeks;
  • contains Cepalin - Allium cepa onion extract, which prevents and reduces inflammation and swelling;
  • Onion plant extracts treat acne on the skin and also soften it;
  • improves color, texture, and overall appearance of scars;
  • not only reduces the appearance of scars but also improves the color and texture of your skin;
  • FDA - approved.

Release form:

gel for external use 20g/0.71oz

Ingredients: allantoin 0.5%, cepaline, bulb extract, alcohol, methylparaben on a gel basis q.s.


Hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to the active ingredients or any of the ingredients.

Side effects

Basically, very well tolerated. Allergic reactions are extremely rare but possible.

Dosage and administration:

  • use 3-4 times a day and get effective results in just 10 weeks;
  • You can start using Mederma Gel as soon as new skin appears, usually two or more weeks after the injury or surgery. Ensure that the scab has moved off naturally and all seams have been removed;
  • on old scars, you can start using Mederma right away.

Storage conditions:

  • at a temperature, up to 30 ° С;
  • store in a dry and dark place;
  • keep the tube away from children;
  • do not freeze.

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