Akumentis Healthcare Ltd.
Akumentis Healthcare Ltd. - It's the most profitable and fast-growing pharmaceutical company in India. The company entered the top 65 companies in India, in the first year of its launch.
The company relies on a network of 7 world units of industrial classes and R & D facilities throughout India. The manufacturing plant is one of the largest in Asia with WHO, GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates, as well as USFDA and UKMHRA.
In Akumentis today there are more than 100 innovative products within the 8-10 therapeutic segments, as well as 4 marketing departments serving these segments.
The company is committed to becoming “Global Healthcare” in order to provide each and every patient on Earth with new healthcare solutions to combat many types of ailments.
In Akumentis, they want to make their products more accessible to every inhabitant all over the world.

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ERYTHEGO GEL | 15g/0.53oz

Properties and indications: Erythego (analog of Mirvaso) brimonidine gel is intended for the s..
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