Laboratorios Vinas

Laboratorios Viñas is a family-owned pharmaceutical company founded in Barcelona in 1911.

Specializing in the area of healthcare, it has continued the innovative, forward-looking vision of its founder, the pharmacist Pedro Viñas, by promoting research for new and original formulations. Through research, Laboratorios Viñas achieves the scientific and social objectives to which it has always been committed and meets today's increasingly demanding requirements for quality, safety and efficacy.

Laboratorios Viñas researches, develops, manufactures and markets its drugs and pharmaceutical products in a wide range of therapeutic areas, especially dermatology, gynaecology, paediatrics and general medicine. Laboratorios Viñas is involved in Spain's Research Promotion Plan, currently called the Profarma Plan of the Ministry of Industry, which is aimed at promoting competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to research, diversifying its corporate activities into new areas of healthcare has been a key factor in the company's success as it has made it possible to win the trust of pharmacists, physicians and their patients.

Its founder's ideals of service to health and society still continue. They are an added value and the distinguishing feature of a company that now has a team of over 270 people.

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MELANASA 2% CREAM | 15g/0.53oz

MELANASA 2% CREAM | 15g/0.53oz

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Properties and indications: Pigmentasa (MelloDerm-HQ cream ®) hydroquinone 4%, blo..

ZELIDERM (SKINOREN) CREAM 20% | 30g/1.06oz

Properties: Zeliderm (Skinoren ®) cream is intended for the treatment of acne, rosacea, hyperpigm..
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