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Brand: Menarini Group
Product Code: 1-57
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Manufactured: India

Properties and indications:

Glyaha-Koj® is the perfect soap for rejuvenation and skin whitening.

The composition contains substances such as:

  • glycolic acid – lightens dark spots, evens tone and face color and reduces wrinkles, also tightens enlarged pores and well holds moisture in the skin;
  • kojic acid – the active whitening agent, aimed at combating with various forms of hyperpigmentation, well whitens the skin by reducing the production of melanin;
  • alpha-lipoic acid – a powerful antioxidant that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and aging of the skin in general, and also increases the effectiveness of antioxidants such as vitamins C and E;
  • citric acid – makes the skin a nice matte shade and reduces enlarged pores and also has a strong bleaching action.

Release form:

soap for external use 75g/2.65oz

Ingredients: sodium palmate,  sodium palm kernelate, fragrance, alpha-lipoic acid, kojic acid, light liquid paraffin, octadecyl di-t-butyl-4hydroxhydrocinnamate, titanium dioxide, glycolic acid, cocodiethanolamide, sorbitol, petroleum jelly, glutathione, citric acid, tetrasodium EDTA, B.H.T., CI No. 12740, purified water.


  • hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to the active substances or any of the ingredients;
  • skin lesions (wounds, burns, etc.);
  • photosensitivity;
  • skin infection, acne, herpes;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding.


  • acute inflammation (including eczema) lesions of the skin (dermatitis, seborrhea, and others.);
  • rosacea, cuperosis, and other vascular defects.

Side effects of the preparation

Frequently: dryness, peeling, burning, redness, erythema, pruritus.

Allergic reactions are extremely rare but possible.

Dosage and how to use:

  • throw up the warm water on your face;
  • soap your hands until the foam and apply to the face, gently massaging in a circular motion around a minute;
  • rinse with clear water and let the skin to dry out;
  • if feeling tightness after the procedure – use the moisturizer;
  • in daytime necessarily apply sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher);
  • use 1-2 times a day.

Storage conditions:

store in a dry, dark, and out of reach of children's place.

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